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Head Office:

Phone: (+234)818 284 4444
Address: No. 2 Prince Ibrahim Eletu, First Avenue, Canal West Estate, Osapa London, Lekki. Lagos. Nigeria.


St. Michael De Santos Ltd develops and establishes business ideas and plans for individuals who wish to start up business either in small or medium sizes.  We ensure, as part of our goals to enable them achieves a leading position in the market and obtain the highest available ROI. 

This goal is guided and achieved by painstaking strategic planning and operational activities across board and of team members (this includes our clients as well).

We also provide viable investment information to companies, small or medium sized that are looking to expand and make more ROIs.

Our fundamental value in this division is the complete satisfaction of our customers’ and partners’ need. This also helps us to develop our country’s local economy at different levels.

So, if you are looking for where to put your money into for maximum profitability and return, St. Michael De Santos Ltd is here for you. We would help you invest wisely in different sectors such as Agriculture, real estate, tourist industry, education, etc and get away from economic muddy waters that would entrap your money for no profit.