Furnishing your new home

Furnishing your new home

The dream of your own four walls – only the right furnishings make it perfect . Many people in our country want a new apartment of their own. It is the center of life for the whole family and a protective castle to which you can always withdraw. Whether as a rental apartment or property purchase , your own apartment offers security and protection. But only when the new apartment is fully furnished do people really feel at home.

First the furniture for the bedroom, living room and the children’s room is bought. The kitchen as a meeting place for the family is also one of the first items of furniture in the house. When the sanitary facilities are installed in the bathroom, the apartment is functional. There are also many small details that make the home furnishings really complete.

If you want to set up a new home, you need the right home decorator for many small details.

Pro tip

Which accessories make the bathroom a place of cosiness?

The tiled bathroom is a room that is often damp. There is shower and bath, and in some bathrooms there is also a washing machine for household use. The tiles on the walls are practical as they are washable. A bathroom like this is only cozy when fluffy textiles and comfortable accessories decorate the bathroom.

These objects to feel good include:

  • Bath mat and shower mat
  • Towels and bath towels
  • Shower curtain

Bath mat and shower mat:
When entering the bathroom, one is often walking barefoot. Having just got out of the warm bed in the bedroom, everyone knows the feeling of walking on the ice-cold tiled floor in the bathroom. How nice is a fluffy, warm bath mat. The anti-slip latex coating on the underside of the bath rug ensures a secure hold. The good bath mat is easy to clean in the washing machine and can be used again immediately.

Towels and bath towels:
Immediately after a warm bath or a pleasant shower, it’s best to dry yourself off with a cuddly, soft bath towel. The same goes for the hands and face after the morning visit to the bathroom for the towel. In addition, the bath towel should be able to absorb moisture well. A cloth that is iron-free and suitable for the tumble dryer makes it the perfect companion in the bathroom.

Shower curtain:
The waterproof shower curtain enables comfortable showering and ensures that everything stays dry outside of the shower. Nice decor makes the bathroom more fun. In addition, the practical shower curtain is machine washable and can be cleaned quickly.

Which detail makes the entrance area a highlight?

When your property purchase has been successfully completed, you would also like to invite guests to your home. Every visitor who comes to the front door meets the doormat in the entrance area. Basically, the doormat is there to ensure that coarse dirt remains on the shoes in front of the front door.

In addition to this function, there are floor mats that can convey a message of the house to the visitor. It is a nice gesture to give the visitor a warm welcome. Some floor mats also have funny messages that immediately make the guest smile and spread a good mood. The right doormat should go well with the home furnishings.

How can the hallway be made cozy and inviting?

The floor in the hallway of a house is usually designed to be functional. An easy-to-clean stone floor is a good choice in the hallway area. A runner for the hallway is a good idea so that this area, which is often worn with shoes, still looks inviting and homely.

The runner can be bought in a color matching the interior. You should make sure that it is easy to clean and has a coating on the underside that makes the runner non-slip. The runner can also be used in rooms other than the hallway. In any case, it is a decorative addition to an unadorned surface.

The runner in the kitchen as a decorative element In

many cases, the floor in the kitchen has been laid very practically. The kitchen is a workplace where minor accidents are often possible. Liquid is accidentally spilled or something falls on the floor while the food is being prepared. Here it is good if you can wipe up quickly with a damp cloth. Nevertheless, you want to have an eye-catcher in the kitchen as well.

The kitchen runner is ideal as a protective floor mat. Designed in a beautiful color, the runner is also a highlight in the kitchen. When buying a kitchen runner as part of your home furnishings, you should make sure that it is washable and easy to clean. A good runner for the kitchen is washing machine suitable and has a slip-resistant pad.

If you want to set up a new home, you need the right home decorator for many small details. With the large pieces of furniture in the individual rooms, one has fixed ideas about function and appearance. When all the furniture is set up in the new apartment, small details are often missing that make the apartment really cozy.

Here it is advantageous to find a specialist who can offer all these beautiful accessories in one offer. Many things are then coordinated with each other and really complete the ambience of the new home.

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